Bring your clients to us and we will show you the difference.

As your trusted local retail pharmacy in Bridgeport, Connecticut, we offer a complete range of pharmaceutical services to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Learn more about these services below.

pharmacist holding medicine


We take pride in filling prescriptions quickly and accurately. We take extreme care while filling your prescriptions. We assure you the accuracy you deserve.

Our usual wait times are 10 minutes or less. We give utmost importance to our clients’ time and fill prescriptions accurately and efficiently in 10 minutes or less when customers walk into our pharmacy.

Along with our highly trained staff who double-check the prescriptions, we also count on our 100% accurate, state-of-the-art, filling robot system to fill prescriptions. The prescription filling system we have in place brings the chances of making errors at our pharmacy close to zero.


  • Pharmacy Dispensing
  • Free Delivery and Pickup
    • We offer dedicated pick-up areas for nurses and caregivers. We create special bins customized for client needs as well as dedicated dispatchers and dispatching areas for track deliveries/drivers.
    • We have eight drivers and eight delivery cars to accommodate your prescription needs.
    • Timely deliveries every hour to your facility with a late cut-off time for new orders.
    • STAT medication delivery within one hour.
  • Prevention of Potential Drug-to-Drug Interactions
  • Multiple-Unit Dose Delivery Systems
    • We offer customized blister packing, including multi-dose customized blister packing if needed.
    • Need customized packing and customized service? No problem. Come to us and we will deliver that for you.
    • Our customized packing guarantees accuracy and efficiency.
    • We pack according to nurses’ requests that are customized per client. We work on a client-by-client basis. We can pack all 8 AM medications in one pouch of the blister so that the nurse or caretaker gets extra time to spend with the client to review and discuss with the client if requested by the nurse.
  • Accurate Filling Without Errors by Practicing Triple Check
  • Medication Administration Records
    • Treatment Records
    • PRN Control Sheets
    • Narcotic Control Sheets
  • Private Charge System with Direct Billing to Caregivers or Residents
  • Dual Billing Including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Nursing and Residential Homes
    • We offer full dispensing services to nursing and residential homes. Our services can be customized to meet individual requirements to ensure that you receive the best quality services available. We offer a full range of weekly/monthly dosage monitoring systems as well as traditional bottles. We also provide comprehensive MAR charts if needed and also deliver monthly and interim medications to the home.
  • Providing Pharmacist Consultant to Review Patient’s Charts
  • Day-to-day Medication Counseling and Support over the Phone
    • Need monthly monitoring? Count on us! One of our friendly staff members will call you every month to see how you are doing and to discuss with you. Please ask us how to sign up.


We often beat our competitors’ prices significantly. A study conducted by The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition published a report showing our pharmacy prices are significantly lower than our competitors. Please find enclosed the Connecticut POST article published 03-16-06 and the study by The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition.


We accept all major insurances, Medicare Part B and D for prescriptions, and Medicaid. We handle dual billing very efficiently. We bill Medicare copays to Medicaid and private insurance copays to Medicaid. We also have a private charge system set up at our pharmacy. Prescription copays can be billed to caregivers once a month so that elderly patients do not have to worry about copays.

Got Questions?

Please call us at 203-372-9900 so that we can visit your place and explain in person. You may also leave us a message here.